With the help of this quick test you determine a probable diagnosis based on the symptoms entered. CorK also estimates (even with other diagnostic estimates) the risk that a Covid-19 disease does exist. Finally, based on the findings, he makes recommendations for dealing with the situation.

Important instructions:

Because decisions on test use are not controllable by the IAS, no liability can be accepted for the result or the failure to visit a doctor derived therefrom.

Test Benefit:

There are still bottlenecks in the availability of laboratory tests. According to the results available to us, these will not be completely resolved before 2021. From this point of view, a quick test is advantageous, which can be used by anyone who has a mobile phone or a PC with Internet access.

Differential diagnostics:

Differential diagnostics are an attractive feature of CORK. Because cough or runny nose etc. can occur with a simple cold, flu or allergies, it is comforting to get a probable diagnosis based on the test.

Test validity:

The problem with the corona virus is the fact that the symptoms, if there are any, can manifest themselves very differently in everyone. Therefore, the test is currently being validated at the University Clinic Düsseldorf to verify the diagnostic relevance of the procedure used here even more reliably.
If in doubt, it is always advisable to repeat the test, to see a doctor or to carry out a laboratory test if the result of the test does not appear to be sufficiently clear or reliable.